Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My body tells me one thing, I tell it to GTH . . .

I'm feeling tired. I'm feeling run down. Too bad.

To hell with that, I remain very optimistic.

I'm on the treadmill almost everyday and jogging up and down the hydroline trail on the way to and from work. It makes me feel great, but afterwards I feel a dull ache in my chest and am tired afterwards. Once this tumor/abscess is gone, I'm going to feel like supergirl.

I haven't got anything planned for this spring running-wise. I am registered for Ottawa Race Weekend half-marathon, but timing might not be possible, depending on when surgery is (I've been assured it's 'any day now.'

I really like that I'm still very upbeat and optimistic at my recovery. The surgeon said that the tumor/abscess is well-contained and not seeded on the chest wall, which makes the chance of spreading anywhere very remote. The cells are not malignant but the infection is the same bug as last year.

I would like to run a couple of trail races this year, but I will have to see how I recover after surgery. I'm not going to push it. It's more important to recover first.


Freckles said...

Your attitude is something you should not only like but be proud of.

Enjoy the girls and the treadmill.

Jennifer said...

I hope everything works out and you will be ready to race in a few months!

Robin said...

Hang in there...I hope you are able to race as well.