Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm not the only slacker . . .

It seems I'm not the only one slacking off of blogging as of late. Some of my favourite and fellow bloggers have been posting about their lack of posting lately. I am guilty too. It might be the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that have giving me the blahs. I'm currently sick of cold and have swallowed my pride and gotten a gym membership to keep up my running which is the only thing keeping me from hanging myself (figuritively). I keep getting colds (this is my second in a month for a girl who rarely gets colds). I had another bad reaction to the last antibiotic that I'm supposed to be on long term. Being so itchy is torturous and I'm really done being a little guinea pig.

In other news, Stella decided to snack on a Blackberry. Not the delicious, tart fruit available from California growers, but the lovely little Blackberries that I rely upon for daily life supplied by RIM.

Obviously this is damage NOT covered by warranty. This was a major $$$$ ouch to replace. Nothing new perhaps with Stella. She likes to cost me $$$$. Oh well, she is damn cute and provides hours of entertainment and love.