Sunday, June 6, 2010

New strength training . . .

You know your new strength programme is working when you wake up paralyzed in your arms and your core. Holy hell, I'm sore today!

What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger . . . .

Right now, it consists of:
1) bench press with 10lb dumbells
2) situps
3) lateral raises with 10lb dumbells
4) leg extensions with 8lb weights
5) standing leg curls with 8lb weights
6) 10lb dumbell raise (behind head)
7) tricep pull down with R-band
8) shoulder shrugs with R-band
9) dumbell curls with 10lb weights
10) 10lb dumbell presses
11) lateral pull outs with R-band
12) push ups off of step
13) leg raises from kneeling position with 8lb weight
14) lateral leg raises (standing) with 8lb weight
15) burpees
16) lunges
17) plank
18) side plank
19) superman
20) one leg balance on bosu ball
21) lateral pulls with R-band
22) back leg raises with 8lb weights

Horrible. The horror. This should work. Scheduled once a week right now.

Friday, June 4, 2010


We were all discussing our blogs on RM ( and I realized I've been blog-neglectful lately. So, maybe with the new goals I've set for myself, I should dust off the blog and journal my journey again.

The health disaster that was this past winter is past and the only thing that remains are the well-healed scars on my chest and the small scar where the PICC line was. It actually made me shudder to see the posts previous with the pictures of the open wounds I had. But that is past and I've moved on.

I've had a great spring and just completed my second and most fun half marathon. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's nice to be able just to enjoy the experience rather than worry and fret over things that you can't control. That's not me.

My new goal is a 50K trail run at Haliburton Forest in September. It's very ambitious for someone like me, but I think with all the crap I can get through with a smile on my face, it is a possible goal. I already have the mental part down, just need to get the body up to speed (distance).

This is my first week of my training programme. It is mostly a recovery/cutback week, then I'm starting into it. I was at my RMT's office today and it seems like I've come through this pretty well. I also had a great 10+K run today along the river. It was very enjoyable and I stopped to look at baby ducks, take pictures and take in the beautiful day. I also had a though that maybe I should just stick to distances and not worry so much about the time. I dunno. I'll think about this more.

Welcome if you are new to this blog! Welcome back if you notice I've started posting again!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm not the only slacker . . .

It seems I'm not the only one slacking off of blogging as of late. Some of my favourite and fellow bloggers have been posting about their lack of posting lately. I am guilty too. It might be the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that have giving me the blahs. I'm currently sick of cold and have swallowed my pride and gotten a gym membership to keep up my running which is the only thing keeping me from hanging myself (figuritively). I keep getting colds (this is my second in a month for a girl who rarely gets colds). I had another bad reaction to the last antibiotic that I'm supposed to be on long term. Being so itchy is torturous and I'm really done being a little guinea pig.

In other news, Stella decided to snack on a Blackberry. Not the delicious, tart fruit available from California growers, but the lovely little Blackberries that I rely upon for daily life supplied by RIM.

Obviously this is damage NOT covered by warranty. This was a major $$$$ ouch to replace. Nothing new perhaps with Stella. She likes to cost me $$$$. Oh well, she is damn cute and provides hours of entertainment and love.

Friday, January 15, 2010

No updates . . .

I haven't been doing much. I'm slowly trying to rebuild my base, running or snowshoeing everyday so far this year. It's been successful up to this point.

Stella turns 2 years old today. She is no longer a puppy. Don't tell her that though. She's still acting very puppyish.