Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the eve of 2010 . . .

What a year and what a decade! I have to admit, despite all the hardships, I've had an amazing life - especially in the past year.

I am thankful of 3 fantastic furry daughters (one of whom is farting away right now and doesn't smell so fantastic), healthy parents, great friends, I'm running, I'm alive, I have a job and a good life right now.

I hope everyone has a great 2010 and it finds everyone healthy, wealthy (or wealthier) and wise!

Live long and prosper.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy X-Mas!

Peanut, Latte, Stella and myself wish all the readers a fantastic holiday. May all your dreams come true and I hope you have an even better 2010!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comeback . . .

I am sloooooowly returning to pre-surgery status. Last week I ran/walked 14K. This week I ran 24K. I feel strong though and feel I could be running more, but I want to take it slow, since this would be the time I could hurt myself. Next week, the plan is in the 30K range. Also, all runs are easy for now, to get back into the swing of things.

I'm allergic to the new antibiotics, Septra, so I have to go back and might get the PICC line back in. Boo hoo. Not happy. Oh well, the sutures are out. The skin coming off the hands is gross, but what is really gross is the skin coming off the bottoms of the feet in large and thick sheets. Uggh. Think worse blisters ever. I just coat the feet in Penaten (sp?) zinc cream, wear two pairs of socks and get out there and ignore it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy, happy, happy . . .

I ran today. I ran happy. I ran until I cried happy tears. People must have thought I was crazy. I am sooooo happy to be running again. Comeback, here I come.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Surgery story . . .

Surgery was December 1st. I woke up too weak to stand up for longer than 5 minutes at a time. That would make getting to the hospital very, very difficult. I had had a bad reaction to one of the antibiotics I was on the day before and I had personally stopped everything going into the PICC line. My skin was inflamed everywhere and I was a bright red and intensely itchy. I was swollen. I lay in bed that morning and put an SOS out on Facebook. Luckily, I got an answer right away from a co-worker, J that he had no problem picking me up and driving me to the hospital. Thank you J.

I get there and make it to the pre-surg clinic with a little help from some volunteers inside the hospital. I was taken into the back right away (so lucky, since I didn't have the strength to sit in a chair.) I lay in a stretcher while nurses and doctors came to look at me with pity for what was hours, but for me, was a well-earned rest. I slept a lot of the wait.

I was brought into the hall outside the OR room and met with the surgeon and his residents. They used me as a teaching example of a bad drug reaction. The anesthesia person and her medical student felt sorry for me and gave me IV Benadryl. I could not stop scratching the inflamed skin. I would have scratched more, except I would have frequent waves of weakness. Finally I was brought into the room. I could not wait to be 'put under' if only to be taken away from the torture of itching and pain for a brief time.

I woke up in the recovery room in an instant. That is what it always feels like, that you close your eyes in one second and wake up in the OR in another. The time on the clock looked like 5 hours had passed. I was spending the night in the recovery room, but I was rolled to the other side of the recovery room. I had an IV going, pumping fluid into me. I had counted 3.5L of fluid going into me during the night, but I didn't pee hardly at all. I slept rarely, and when I did, it was only for a half hour at a time. I got pain meds and benadryl every 4 hours. I texted K and she would pick me up in the morning to bring me home.

I looked horrible over the next couple of days. The drug reaction continued. My skin swollen, then shrunk as I started peeing again. Some of the rash looked permanently tattooed to my body and is still there to this day 10 days later. The top layers of skin all started falling off. I gradually started seeing my eyes again, everyday the swelling started going down and down. The weakness continued for days and just these past few days that I have started walking in the neighbourhood, 3K, 5K, etc. Hopefully, my strength comes back and I can start running again. The IV PICC line is still in my arm, but they have started me very slowly on another antibiotic and I am just nervous that I start having another reaction, or the infection comes back with a vengence.

Day by day.