Friday, November 6, 2009

Where the runnin's at . . . .

Well, here in the middle of the sick cesspool, I tread water. I am determined to keep up the 100 day challenge (100 runs in 100 days) even through this health crisis mess that I find myself imbroiled in now. It's funny, how I look to the beginning of this blog, that my running started as a result of my last health emergency and it got me through that and made me a better person for it, and now I find running as a soliste to get through this one.

Today though, I pulled off 7+Km but I don't know how. The pain over the stimulator is insane right now. The small hole that all the drainage was coming out of has gotten bigger and you can actually see the stimulator through the hole in my chest pretty clearly. I don't know if the pain if from the drainage or the hole actually ripping, but it pretty much stops you in your tracks when you are running. Everything is pretty much bundled up pretty tight on my chest so there is no "bouncing" to aggravate the stimulator area, but I think the stimulator is doing its own bouncing in there in amongst its pool of filth that it is festering in. Uggh.

I promise to myself though, that if I do finally break this challenge, that I pretty much have to be dialing 9-1-1 while doing it. I have ran myself to the ER before though!

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