Monday, November 23, 2009

911 call . . .

So here's the backstory in case anyone wants to know.

I've been having fevers and feeling weaker steadily since Thursday. Saturday night, everything went to hell. I started in full rigors, shaking, clenching teeth, the whole thing. I started taking acetaminophen to try and break the fever all night and started burning up in fever. I almost considered calling 911 during the night, but I figured that if I got some tylenol in me, I could get a handle on this.

By the morning, the fever was broken and I was drenched in sweat, but got up and let the dogs up when I passed out in the kitchen. Oops! The room was still spinning when I let the dogs in and fed them from the sitting position on the floor. I got up to find the phone just in case and fell again. Oops! This time, I knew the infection was probably in my blood. I wasn't sure how much time I had to be conscious, especially if this was sepsis so I had to make a decision. Time to call in the professionals. I unlocked the front door, put the dogs in the spare bedroom, went to go lay down and called 911. They were there within the minute from what it seemed to me. I had 4 fairly good looking guys all in my bedroom staring down on me. Of course, when something like this happens, your house is a mess (more messy than usual). I was just soaked in sweat. I looked sooo sick. They took me to the hospital right away. I was in an ER bed being treated within 30 minutes of calling 911.

Tons of blood tests, wound swabs, IV antibiotic and fluids, CT and chest x-ray later, the infection has finally spread to the lymph/blood. It took awhile! Just shows how stubborn I am. I kept an infection at bay (with IV antibiotic help) for two weeks. The infection still hasn't spread to my brain or my lungs yet and they wanted to admit me for more IV antibiotics (there are no beds in the hospital so I would have spend a couple of days in the ER), but I can do this at home (hell, I do it for a living). So now, I'm giving myself the IV Vanco and the IV meropenum. Home care and the pharmacy were a little upset I was being discharged, but everything is going well so far this morning and I feel weak, but no fever. The pain is worse around the wound and the lymph nodes around it are particularly sensitive, but the T#3s are okay for now. The great thing is my surgery will be moved up and I expect a call soon.

I have a whole team of unofficial home care nurses that are hard asses on me and a few official ones. Right now, I'm just laying low and waiting. Thanks for everyone's support. I'm just planning my next training programme and readjusting my goals. I'm planning on restarting this 100 runs in 100 days starting January 1st!

I will not let this get me down!


Runnrgrrl said...

carrie - pls be careful. 100 runs in a 100 days is totally do-able. take care of yourself and you can do 300 runs. mend your body-it deserves and i'm not yo mama but still hurts to read what you are going through. just one runnrgrl to another.

Ted said...

Carrie -- you are freaking me out. I can see that your stubborness got the best out of you. You need to be careful. Hope you feel better quickly.