Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally a sunny day . . .

It has seemed like it rained every day in July. Nasty. Now, finally when it is hot and humid, I imploded on a run yesterday. I thought I had myself climatized to heat and humidity, but since it has been so long since there has been sun, heat and humidity in one shot during a run, it just drained me until I had to do a lame run/walk home the last k. UGGH. I'm going to do the same route today to see if I can improve on yesterday because I know exactly where I started to lose it. Hopefully, yesterday was just a fluke.

I was starting to think about other runners and how people impart their running philosophy on yourself. It's hard to tell people that they are wrong imposing their ideas on yourself, but what works for one person, does not work on others. The reason I started running, and the reason I keep running is not the same as someone else. I just find that long-time runners really emphasize getting faster, winning, speed and I don't think these are goals for me. Those are goals for them. My goals are simple. Keep running. Keep moving. Enjoy. Do new things. Go farther. I am not a competitive person. Maybe that is why I am more excited about the trail race in August and no longer the Army Run. I am actually more excited about the Winterman half than the Army Run, since it is more in adverse conditions.

Maybe that is why I imploded on my run yesterday. I knew this idea of other people's expectations and judgments was weighing on me during my run yesterday.

I like running with K. I didn't like running with other people before. I am slower than most runners and feel like, or am told that I am dragging the group back, but I am out there to enjoy myself just as everyone else and don't mind if people go ahead of me. But the theme of imposition of others saying 'we' are running at this pace and I should try to improve to get up to that pace. I don't enjoy running at a faster pace as of yet. I am slowly improving and I am comfortable with that. That is how you keep running. If it is no longer fun, why get out there? I am not competitive. To me, it isn't about the races, it's about the running.

That is why I enjoy running with K. I didn't think I would. She is much faster than me. But her really long runs are 10K. When we go running, I tell her to run at her own pace, and I'll run at mine. We see each other frequently, because she will stop and rest and I will slowly putt-putt up behind her and meet her. (I'm the turtle, she's the hare.) We both really love trail runs. She doesn't like running in races and it's not my favourite thing either. I think the only thing I like about races is the support on a long run and the closed off route, plus the hoopla that goes with it, and meeting other people. I hate the competitive nature of it. I hate that people can run really well and still be disappointed if they are two minutes off a goal time. It would be nice to add someone else to our small group that has the same running philosophy.

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