Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great week overall . . .

I've run everyday this past week and had a great long run today. Yesterday, K and I had a great trail run out in the west part of the city. The trail in the south-east part of the city had some serious deer flies that basically cut our trail run short. The night before, K, S and I went out and had a great time doing a Haunted Walk of Ottawa and going to a pub afterwards. Great times! Although I was lacking energy just before I left the house for my long run today and wanted a nap, when I got out there, I felt great. I just kept the pace slow and didn't lose gas at the end. Awesome!

At work, I am finally allowed to have a patient assignment, although I still have to work with another nurse. I presented another note from my neuro and the hospital occ health doctor still had reservations about having an epileptic working as a staff nurse. I have told him over and over that I've been a staff nurse for years and it wasn't an issue before. What an asshole. Oh well, I am happy I am almost back to normal at work.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wolf Trail . . .

K and I wanted to go on a trail run in Gatineau Park and picked, I believe, the hardest trail to run in the whole park. Wow! What a tough trail. K had it at 8.3 K on her instructions off a website and my Garmin read 7.3K (but wouldn't pick up a satellite pick up until a little bit into the trail, so it might be closer to 8K). The trail was quite boggy in places, had very steep inclines and declines, three or four beautiful lookouts, a path covered in rocks, roots and mud. There were a few little stretches where we were actually able to run, but running or hiking, we passed everyone on the trail. What a workout! I felt like I ran about 15K after that hike/run. My quads and arse are stiff and sore right now! What an adventure! I can't wait to go back.

ETA: Those Montrail Hardrocks worked like a charm. I was sticking to rocks like Spiderman!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beautiful July . . .

I just came back from a beautiful long run down the Rideau River pathway to Hog's Back falls and back. What a great day and a great run! I have also signed up for a trail race this week and have been doing some of my week runs on some neighbourhood trails to get ready. I love running trails! I picked up some Montrails and they are awesome trail shoes.