Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Slacker week . . .

Yesterday was another seizure. Seizures suck. They make me feel so drained and lazy. I just don't have any 'oomph' left in my body afterwards. Soul suckers.

This week hasn't been very good for running. Work, and the damn seizure have cut into my run plans. I'm planning on changing that today though.

My back hedge is getting cut down today by my neighbour. I have mixed feelings about it. On one side, my backyard privacy is getting removed and my quiet is going away. Now every time their young sons scream and carry on, its piercing sound disturbs me even more. On the other side, my backyard extends by 10 feet and the mosquitos should be reduced by a great deal now. The sun will be extended by almost 2 hours on my patio. Hopefully, the fence they are planning on building by the end of the month should take care of some of the privacy.


Ted said...

Damn !!! I feel for you. I have a hunch that you have tried many different medications. Are you absolutely sure that Keppra is helpful. My daughter takes Depakote and it has been pretty successful. It is not 100%. She does gets absence seizure like once or twice a month. I am wondering if you have tried Depakote? One more question - surgery ?? My daughter had her first status last January due to fact that she took antibiotic for her ear infection. That lowered her seizure threshold at the same time she had a stomach flu. Double whammy !!! I still haven't found one antibiotic that won't lower her seizure threshold. I like to know if there is at least one or two that won't lower the threshold in the future. I am here to listen to you and to support you.

Kelodie said...

Sometimes I have a nightmare that the neighboors cut the hedge that is on our property during the night and we lost our privacy! Just to tell you how important that privacy is to me. I understand how you must be feeling.

I'm sorry about the seizures. It's OK o have a slacker week, you know. Take care, Carrie!

Steven said...

Sorry to hear about the Seizures. I'm tamaswing on
great blog. I'd love to ask you a question if that's ok.

My running partner Lex (choc labx)has seizures. Grand Mal too. Falls over if not already down. However 99% of the time he's sleeping when it happens. Thrashes violently and the like. After wards he is usually left spaced out. When I look in his eyes I don't see him. Does that make sense?
We finally have a combination of potassium bro mite and phenobarbital. That seems to control them somewhat. When I say controlled I mean when he has one he does not drop into a cluster that lasts for days that always end up in the emerg for an IV drip. He'll have 1-4 of them over a 12 hour period and stop. He seems real non reactive for about 24-36 hours after wards to where he forgets all he's been trained. Then he's back to the happy puppy that is my best friend. Sorry Im question was, you mentioned you feel drained like soul sucker? Do you think it's bad for me to take him running after seizures? How long after seizures until you feel good enough to run?
He will always want to go but does he need to store and save his energy in case he has another? or is the run a good way to "clear his head" like a good hangover run.

I ask cause seizure or no, I put on the running shoe's and he's at the see a pic of him go here and scroll down to the bottom

Sonia said...

big hug carrie... xxxxx

Carrie said...


Thanks for all your comments! I've currently run out of drugs. I am presently on Trileptal and Keppra and they are what work somewhat at present until some new ones come out. I've been on all the rest before (including Depakote) and haven't had that much success. Complex partial seizures from temporal lobe epilepsy unfortunately is one of the hardest to treat. I've been fully assessed for surgery but decided not to go through with it when it was found that they would have to take out most of the right temporal lobe and some of the underlying structures. I will wait until my options become more limited. I also find that antibx lower seizure thresholds. I also am seriously allergic to a few so I am limited to what I can take.

Carrie said...

Thanks for stopping in! I'm sorry your beautiful dog Lex has seizures. Sounds very familiar. My opinion is if Lex is excited to go for a run after a seizure, take him, but just watch him and make it an easy run. I've run a few hours after a seizure (short one) and it seemed to clear my head. Most of the time, I wait until the next day, just because they can be so draining - but if I had the energy to, I'd be out there.