Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wonderful run today . . .

What a great day for a run! Work was busy and quite intense today and I didn't get to leave the hospital for my run until almost 1600. Once I was out there though, the weather was beautiful and sunny, at a high of +10 C. My run was good, but my legs were still quite sore from my long run on Sunday. I felt really slow, but picked up the pace in a couple of places just to get the cobwebs off the legs. All in all, best run during work yet. The snow is melting fast. I want spring to start soon.

The pain is bad lately on my VNS surgical site. I can see a lot of adhesions that have formed and are pulling in the surface tissue. Advil and Tylenol #1s is trying to keep it at bay, but my gut hurts too. These next couple of days off, I'm going to totally lay off the pain killers and hopefully settle the stomach.

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Ted said...

Hope you feel better! I cannot believe Spring is here... and what's more, its snowed this morning. What the heck ?