Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Consistency is key . . .

I think the best developments in my running have come this month. I have built up to 12K with absolutely no taxing my system at all and it has come through consistency. I have stuck to the plan and haven't been missing any runs. I have also become a little more consistent in other avenues of my life - keeping my medication schedule fairly stable and eating smaller, more frequent snacks/meals. The only thing that has suffered is housework, as Stella likes to tear up paper lately. I have just resorted to cleaning one room at a time and just pick up the paper as it falls. With the snow melting and the mud being tracked in with three dogs, what's the point of mopping every day?

Speaking about the dogs - last night, while I was sleeping, the dogs started jumping around at the foot of the bed, either wrestling or fighting over spots and the foot of the bed collapsed, which led to the head of the bed breaking through the floor air vent. This woke me up in a hurry and it is just so stressful to be standing in the middle of the night, looking at the destruction that happened in just a few short moments. I tried to go back to bed on a collapsed bed, just for the remaining few hours, but I couldn't sleep on such a steep angle. I tried to put the mattress on the floor, but the steel centre bar of the bed was the only thing that didn't collapse, and this is what was keeping the mattress off the ground, but led to the mattress dipping to the right or the left if there was pressure put on those sides.

Fine. I was up. I took a nap on the couch in the living room, but was just too tired to go to work. Exhausted. Drained. Eventually, I got enough energy to tackle the bed, to see if it could be salvaged and put back together, or else throw out the bed and put the mattress on the ground. I slowly took everything apart and discovered the foot of the bed was weaker because it was put together wrong. I straightened out some of the bent bolts with a hammer, and put the bed together properly (while taking frequent rests since I was too tired to concentrate and got frustrated). After it was all together, I took another long nap.

I slept in the bed last night and everything was fine. But fighting and fooling around are no longer to be tolerated by doggies in the bed.


Tracy said...

Is there any room for you on the bed with three big dogs? :) Our golden retriever is NOT allowed on the bed under any circumstances. Of course, this doesn't stop him from trying. Or putting his cold nose on our cheek to wake us up for snuggles at 3am.
It's good to hear that your running is coming along!

Ted said...

I don't mean to be so rude. I had a little bit of a laugh. The whole thing about the bed looked quite comedic to me. Who can sleep on a bed with a steep angle? This sounds like a Woody Allen type movie! Hope you are now sleeping better. Get some rest.

Melanie said...

great job with the consistency! :)