Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Could it be? Could it be that the elusive thing called "spring" might be around the corner?

I went running this afternoon and I was dressed - TOO WARM . . . could that be a sign? I also don't want to jinx anything, but on my Weather Network jiggy on my laptop, it says that Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are all going to be above zero. Wonderful!

Seizure on March 1st. Nasty one too. I blame the pharmacy for delivering my Keppra 3 days late. They always make it sound like this is the rarest drug on the face of the earth. NO ITS NOT STUPID PHARMACY PEOPLE!!! Do your job. Idiots.

Spring is coming! Everyone jump for joy!


Sonia said...

I was mad at myself for running yesterday in minus stupid cold when it was so nice out today!!! When you run only twice a week like me better choose wisely! I don't think stupid winter is over yet, let's no celebrate and be disappointed!!

Stupid pharmacy yes, especially if you fill your prescription there all the time... hello people? Order more!!

Tracy said...

Yay spring! I hope it's here!

That sucks about your prescription.

Melanie said...

looking forward to warmer weather and longer days too. Sorry to hear about the seizure.

Kelodie said...

You said the S-Word! Woohoo for Spring.

As for the drugstore, I've had this problem a few times with birth control pills. I can't even start to imagine how frustrating it would be for a drug as necessary as what you're taking for your seizures. Grrrrr

Ted said...

Sorry to hear about this. What is with the pharmacy people these days??? My daughter takes Depakote ER. I have heard about Keppra. Tell these pharmacy people to get moving!