Friday, February 6, 2009

Still sick . . .

I am still sick with this horrid chest cold. I think this is the worse day yet. I start coughing and coughing, until I almost throw up. Nasty. The codeine is coming in useful today.

I haven't ran since last weekend and I haven't done any worthwhile physical activity since Monday. Blah. The body really, really wants to get out there, especially since the weather is looking more and more favourable, but the lungs have been taken over by an evil entity. I am so running tomorrow, no matter what. If I have to do 1:1s than I will. The great thing is that I have been feeling stronger and stronger with each run and have been seeing improvements lately. I am not worried falling behind in my half-marathon plan, since I changed the plan. I am presently running ahead of the plan, so the amount of runs I have missed this week with being sick is not concerning me at all. I have room to make that up. Plus, spring is going to be so encouraging to get out and run, after running in such crappy, cold weather all winter.

At least Peanut, Latte and Stella are having a good time with me being here all day. Latte and Stella are playing together more. Latte is starting to become more and more confident with playing with Stella. It's good to see. I weighed Stella yesterday, and grew a little concerned about her weight. She is at least 10 pounds underweight for a female puppy her age (and that is 10 pounds underweight of the lower end of the weight range). She is eating like a pig and she is quite active, but she does look skinny for a Lab. I would rather her be underweight than overweight, but because of her activity level, I increased her food to see if she can just add another 5 pounds to her frame. I would be comfortable with her being only a couple of pounds underweight rather than a full 10 pounds underweight.

Luckily for me, I haven't had a seizure with this chest cold. The last time I had a seizure with a serious chest cold, I got pneumonia (probably aspirational), about two years ago. That was nasty. I had to go on antibiotics and everything and almost got hospitalized. I could see why people die of pneumonia. You are so aware of every breath you take because it draws so much energy to do so. I am really pleased with the amount of seizures I have been having since December (I have only had two seizures since then). I haven't had a lot of pain from the surgical site either, but have felt the wires pull in my neck, which isn't painful, but just uncomfortable.

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