Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senators game last night . . .

I went to the Senators game last night with Kelli. We had great seats - Section 101, row P, seats 15 and 16. Right behind the Senators goalie, Alex Auld. Kelli got them from her friend from her hometown, who is the Director of Communications for the Senators. Hockey is very boring on TV, but very exciting live. They have short entertainment spurts during the commercial breaks and in between periods. The arena is very impressive. I was very impressed with the building itself. I bought us two $9 Heinekens. Crazy.

Running since pneumonia is going surprisingly well. I'm picking up and adding milage like I wasn't even sick. I am not liking this little lapse back into winter though, but we are expected to get above 0 Celsius tommorrow.

Stella has been getting back into her destructive self again. I thought that this was slowly going by the wayside, but the past two times coming home from work, she has destroyed stored furnature down in the basement (which is now closed off to her) and last night she destroyed a couple of photo albums (Peanut & Latte's baby albums) and started chomping down on the TV stand. I've been coming home for lunch on 12 hour shifts (and incorporating it into a small run) to alleviate her anxiety (if that is what it is - I'm not sure it is yet) but last night I was just gone for an 8 hour shift. She is more hyper than usual lately. I really don't want to start crating her during the day when I am gone, in case that adds to her anxiety, but I soon might have too. If I leave thinking I have dog-proofed everything, she just goes for stuff she hasn't gone for before.

No seizures again since last post. I am starting to feel a little anxious myself, since it's been a little while, and I'm due. The monkey's back on my back, waiting to strike.

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