Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pneumonia update . . .

I am feeling much better today. I went to work and walked there without too much deficit. I was occasionally having productive coughs, but nothing that could not be handled. I really think I will be able to do a short run tomorrow.
In the meantime, the Blackberry went for a crap, so I need to go to the Telus store and get it exchanged. I was supposed to go to the doctor, but I don't think I'll be able to fit that in. I have to go to the hospital and get my CPR refresher course and I have a Maniac meet & greet in Kanata all tomorrow. I will not be able to do all of these things, plus my run tomorrow, since I do not drive and all of this takes time to go from one place to another. So much to do in one day and so little time!
The furnace is off and I had to call the furnace guy and am waiting for the off-hours guy to show up. Supposedly, someone is supposed to be here in 3 hours, which makes arrival between now and midnight. It is getting cold in here!

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Sonia said...

Great news! Glad you're feeling better. Love the new toy in the post below!!! I have the same forerunner and love it =)