Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Successful Week . . .

I just want to mention my good karma this week. I have followed my half-marathon plan 100% so far this week. After my 10K long run tomorrow, I will have completed my first complete week! Good for me! I discovered that if I remain flexible with work obligations, not stick to doing the exact activity to be done on that exact day, adjust distances to the weather outside, but get something done that day, regardless of weather, it can actually be successful. It adds some self-confidence and a sense of achievement to myself after this week and that I can make it to the start line prepared. I will keep this up!

Also, was "supposed" to have a seizure yesterday, but sent it packing with the stimulator! I used the magnet successfully and felt so good about that. That is the first time that has happened in months. I haven't been able to "abort" seizures since the new unit was installed last year and was worried deep inside that that ability was gone.

I got my house cleaned by Elvira. I have always been uncomfortable paying someone to come and clean my house - a job I should be doing myself. She was great! She did the same amount of work so thoroughly and detailed in 2 hours that I would have done sloppily and half-assed over a couple of days. So worth the money, because now I am sitting in a clean & organized house that has given me a sense that I am also organized.


Melanie said...

Awesome job on the first week! Yay! :)

Kelodie said...

Well done on both the running and the seizure front. Pat yourself on the back!

I'm dreaming of having someone clean my house for me these days... I feel just like you about having someone do the work that I'm supposed to be doing. The thing is: I don't do it! ;-)