Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 . . .

2008 ended with alot of small stresses that accumulated into something overwhelming. I kept my cool, and made a list and conquored each one individually, and now I feel so much better. Self-help psycho babble sometimes helps. Yay for me!

X-mas holidays is over and now I can relax. It stresses me out more and more travelling somewhere else to visit. I love the parents, but the process of packing belongings and furbabies, moving from a place to a place, unpacking belongings and furbabies in a distant and not-so-much-home-anymore place and trying not to interrupt their lives, going visiting others, etc. can be quite stressful.

I got my snowshoes for x-mas and it is quite fun to go into the bush and walk on top of the snow back far in the unaccessible snow-filled woods. Great exercise too.

I have made up my plan for my half-marathon in May. The plan is adapted from a Hal Higdon novice half marathon plan for 12 weeks, which I extended to 20 weeks. I want to give myself every slight chance to get back into the plan if my surgery date falls in the training time. If I don't have surgery before now and May, at least I will be well prepared. If not, I can try and get back into it if my pain can be controlled and my healing goes well. I am feeling really good about the plan and it seems quite reasonable to get through. I always feel good about things when they are down on paper. It looks like it might easily fit into my work schedule too and days can be switched around if need be too.

What a change from this date last year. I don't think I was in a great place mentally or physically last year and I even was thinking about dying last year. I have had a complete turn around, and I hope it just gets better and better from here.

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Sonia said...

Good job on turning your life around. Running can make you feel so much better =)

I will be in Ottawa to see you cross the finish line!