Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Successful Week . . .

I just want to mention my good karma this week. I have followed my half-marathon plan 100% so far this week. After my 10K long run tomorrow, I will have completed my first complete week! Good for me! I discovered that if I remain flexible with work obligations, not stick to doing the exact activity to be done on that exact day, adjust distances to the weather outside, but get something done that day, regardless of weather, it can actually be successful. It adds some self-confidence and a sense of achievement to myself after this week and that I can make it to the start line prepared. I will keep this up!

Also, was "supposed" to have a seizure yesterday, but sent it packing with the stimulator! I used the magnet successfully and felt so good about that. That is the first time that has happened in months. I haven't been able to "abort" seizures since the new unit was installed last year and was worried deep inside that that ability was gone.

I got my house cleaned by Elvira. I have always been uncomfortable paying someone to come and clean my house - a job I should be doing myself. She was great! She did the same amount of work so thoroughly and detailed in 2 hours that I would have done sloppily and half-assed over a couple of days. So worth the money, because now I am sitting in a clean & organized house that has given me a sense that I am also organized.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frigid . . . .

It's been a very cold week, so much so that I have been stuck inside and screwing up electronics and spending humungious hours trying to fix them back to normal (not on purpose - I think). I screwed up my iPod, I screwed up my Blackberry, but now they are fixed, just in time for the weather to dethaw a bit. I had a great run today. The sun was coming through the clouds like a light shining through a foggy window. Not cloudy, but not bright sunlight either. I can't wait until my long run tomorrow.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Starting out on my plan . . .

I started my half-marathon training plan on Monday and so far, so good, except for the typical epilepsy bump-in-the-road. It's just a reminder that I might have to account for a little more than the average person. But I digress . . .
I started a log on Running Mania ( also and have been documenting my training plan there too, but I will focus not so much on the running here, but the trials and tribulations to go through. I hate bothering people with the various hardships someone like me would go through in such a plan if you are not interested, but here, this is mostly the purpose of this blog.
Well, I haven't been having very many seizures lately. Two in December (and early December) and just as the first week of the training plan takes effect - BANG. It was the second day, my first 5K run of my new plan. I was so disappointed, but really, I don't know why I would be. My plan was created to absorb all the little seizure and surgery related crap that I go through and no one else would go through. I work really well with a schedule and a plan layed out, and have recovered quite well the next day, performing two items of the upcoming plan on the same day. Easy. Seizures are just a reminder that epilepsy will always try and trip me up and my job is to not to let it do so.

On a related note, I have to discuss my ongoing disturbing feelings of something that happened lately in the "celebrity" world. I am not one to check up on what these people do in life. I sometimes look at pictures of what they are wearing at work if the mag is open, or it might be on the news and I half-listen to it. I really feel these people are rewarded for doing very little and contribute absolutely nothing to the general welfare of the population as a whole. Most of them are not using their little-earned "fame" for the betterment of mankind. Some are, and I applaud them for it. Some of them do contribute, but at outlandish money being given to them for appearances, more can be done for charities by some of these people. Okay, I'll be off my soapbox on "celebrity" for awhile . . .
The real purpose of this is the current John Travolta's son's death thing. What goes on in that family is none of my business. Really. It's sad that a child died - for anyone, regardless of fame. What bothers me, as a person with epilepsy, is the fact that he wasn't being medicated for that condition. I have been in ICU twice - TWICE for the same reason. My reason was due to lack of funds to pay for my treatment. Sad, but true. Why would you gamble with your son's life because of some wacky religious convictions? I'm all for religious freedom. I'm Buddhist in a Christian-dominant society - but my religion doesn't dictate to risk my life or others for beliefs held by that religion. It also sounds like the son had about the same amount of seizures as I do, abet he wasn't medicated and I am, so in fact, I might be in a more serious boat that that child is. I know that if I do not take my meds, I will eventually have a seizure and die. Who were the neuros that told this family that it was okay to not take your anticonvulsants? They are not psychotropic meds!

The more they talk about it, the more it makes me angry that this poor boy had to die of epilepsy when I fight to live with epilepsy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 . . .

2008 ended with alot of small stresses that accumulated into something overwhelming. I kept my cool, and made a list and conquored each one individually, and now I feel so much better. Self-help psycho babble sometimes helps. Yay for me!

X-mas holidays is over and now I can relax. It stresses me out more and more travelling somewhere else to visit. I love the parents, but the process of packing belongings and furbabies, moving from a place to a place, unpacking belongings and furbabies in a distant and not-so-much-home-anymore place and trying not to interrupt their lives, going visiting others, etc. can be quite stressful.

I got my snowshoes for x-mas and it is quite fun to go into the bush and walk on top of the snow back far in the unaccessible snow-filled woods. Great exercise too.

I have made up my plan for my half-marathon in May. The plan is adapted from a Hal Higdon novice half marathon plan for 12 weeks, which I extended to 20 weeks. I want to give myself every slight chance to get back into the plan if my surgery date falls in the training time. If I don't have surgery before now and May, at least I will be well prepared. If not, I can try and get back into it if my pain can be controlled and my healing goes well. I am feeling really good about the plan and it seems quite reasonable to get through. I always feel good about things when they are down on paper. It looks like it might easily fit into my work schedule too and days can be switched around if need be too.

What a change from this date last year. I don't think I was in a great place mentally or physically last year and I even was thinking about dying last year. I have had a complete turn around, and I hope it just gets better and better from here.