Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reflection . . .

I think I'll go further on reflection on January 1st, but I was just thinking about where I was when I first started this blog. I was a scared, sick girl, worried about her own mortality, whether I would actually live until 2010. Now I am a confident person, 75 pounds (and counting) lighter, a runner, training for a half marathon sometime in 2009. I am still waiting for the surgery to fix the adhesions in my chest from the stimulator, but I know I can accomplish my goals and have gained much in the past year.

I went to a Running Mania ( M&G on Monday night, and although, being still overweight and running less than a year, I still feel a little out-of-place and out-of-my-league, I always feel welcome and as I lose weight and improve my running, I start feeling a little more like I 'belong,' maybe more here than anywhere else.

The OC Transpo strike have limited my shopping excursions around town for groceries and x-mas shopping. I have had to buy all my gifts online. My dad's gift is a great hunting vest that has tons of gear pockets from L.L. Bean ( and my mum's gift is a great triathalon vest and 'yarms' from Robena ( Alot of her horse riding outfits look similar to these cycling vests but are not made of tech fabric, so I wanted her to try out tops like this in the heat of summer. I think she'll like it.

Groceries are more problematic. Although I take the bus to groceries and a cab back, the traffic is just too much to do these trips around now. Hopefully, during the holidays between x-mas and New Year's, the traffic will have slowed down some to make this possible. I do have enough dog food for another week or two and am still getting my weekly deliveries from Life Organic ( so there is always plenty of healthy food in the house. I am walking down to the Shoppers Drug Mart weekly to pick up organic soy milk also (yay!). I do hope this strike is over soon. It is just so disruptive to life in this city right now.


Sonia said...

I'm glad you feel welcome in RM gatherings. It really is about the passion of running not how thin or how fast you are =) I've had some complexes about this too when I was running (I am slow) and now that I'Ve put on some weight back it is even worse! In the end we are our own worse ennemy and judge ourselves way too hardly.

The transit being on strike really sucks!! That is why I want to live within a walking distance of where I am going to work when I move there. But I'll still have grocery shopping issues like what you'Re dealing with! Hang in there. =)

Heather Moore said...

Wow 75 pounds down - good for you!!!!

Spirit Flower said...

You are an inspiration. Keep sharing at RM!

Love, Spirit Flower, Kansas