Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to running - slowly . . .

After a week of this anemia treatment, I was back to running. Slowly at first, I've been doing 4K every couple of days, with a great core/strengthening/resistance training in between to regain or discover some new muscles. I stepped it up to a 6k run last week and hope to do another one today. I find the core program really tough, but the results are palpable within a week. I feel stronger, my clothes have gotten bigger, and my body fat index has gone down 2% in a month, whereas it used to take a couple of months to go down that far. My waist has shrunk by 1.5 inches in a month alone. No real gains in weight loss though, maybe 2 pounds. It would be nice if the new leaness would translate into a weight number also, but I am satisfied that I am on the right track now. If I could only pick up the running more often now. I feel like I could probably pick that up this week now. The energy is slowly coming back.


Sonia said...

Yay for being back to running! So happy for you =)

Now share the secret about this core strenghting program.... I need it!! LOL

I still can't run for another 2 months so I want to work on things that I usually let go... like core work.

Carrie said...

I was introduced to this program by the trainer at the work gym, and I wanted something I could easily do at home and not need much equipment for. I also have a couple of RW's core work exercises in it. I got the weights, ball at Loblaws and I had the resistance band (need another one since I broke the old one)