Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anemia sucks . . .

So I got a call from my GP's office saying that I should come in a discuss some blood work abnormalities with him. I ignored the call, because I was busy. I then got a call last week saying that I should come in right away and discuss my blood work. I finally showed up the next day. I have been feeling very drained lately (since before Rattle Me Bones) and even that race I felt so drained that I ran it as a LSD, and still ran it quite slow (1:29 - granny-slow!).

So I knew one of the things they were going to find was anemia - I could feel it and I was quite symptomatic. I would get comments every morning when I came into work - "You look really pale today," "Are you sick? You don't look well," "A little anemic?" As soon as I started feeling the symptoms though, I was starting to pile up on the iron-rich foods, like chickpeas, kidney/black beans, tahini, etc - with citric foods like lemon juice, lime juice, etc. But I kept slowly spiralling down and just lost all energy by two weeks ago.

So, of course they found anemia. I knew my normal levels are anemic or borderline due to long-term anticonvulsant therapy but it was below that level. So I was put on Palafer and given a shot of Epo and to return in three weeks for follow up blood work. I was told to stop running for two weeks to let the therapy take effect.

I had slowed down my running to twice a week due to weekness, and only about 8-10K weekly. I stopped for a week. I don't think I could have run anyways. It took about 5 days to start feeling energy again, and by the 7th day, I went out running and felt great. I even did 1 hour of strength/core training today. I feel so much better.

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Sonia said...

Hope you get back to running and feel better soon. I have low iron too, not sure it is anemia but I often feel fatigue for nothing.... and these days I sleep 10h a night... geez going back to work will be hard LOL

Take care