Saturday, October 4, 2008

Week up to now . . .

I've been having an up and down week. The beginning of the week started with alot of pain in the chest around the incision area and a growth of swelling around it. It was probably some adhesions and scar tissue ripping. It was really achy and the sharp pains came back, and now the pulling is back in full force on the wire up my neck. Makes me focus back on that!

My running has been going really well. I've been slowly increasing my distance and my pace has slowly increased. Hard work and consistency really pays off! On the down side, my right IT band along my right thigh down to my knee is aching. I have been doing some stretching and self massage, and hopefully it will loosen up. I've been reading how I screwed it up and am following the advice I am reading from running magazines and on

The middle of the week, I had my first day of more than one seizure in a day in a long time. I had two seizures on Wednesday. Oh well, I can't expect everything to turn up. I will not let that get me down. My successes in running have negated that.

I hope to improve again next week. I only work Monday and Tuesday since I am taking a week off for Thanksgiving starting on Wednesday.

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