Saturday, September 27, 2008

Race Report from Running Mania . . .

Here is my race report from about my first race:

My first race of the Army Race 5K will be difficult to top. I was impressed with the pomp and ceremony, surrounded by soldiers - and the inspiring injured soldiers along the way. I was actually talking to a couple about their injuries near Pretoria Bridge (a nurse is always interested). I was in awe! I have lived in Ottawa for 10 years now, but it was the first time I actually saw a Mountie dressed up in the traditional uniform (and I live across the street from two Mounties), first time I saw those guards with the big, tall fur hats. The combat helicopters buzzed overhead just before the race start was cool too. I saw all the people looking out of the windows of the Lord Elgin Hotel. I bet they were thinking that they paid all that money for a room and they get "invaded." Oh, back to me. It was cold this morning! I had a hard time giving up my big brown Roots sweatshirt, in favour of my racing wear only. I found all the advice given to me by everyone here of great use. My previous goal for this race was 40:00, but I revised it when I decided last week I didn't need to do 10:1s anymore, and was going to straight run it with a new goal of 45:00. The race itself was very relaxing. I took my time, took it all in, talked with a few people along the way, just had fun. I saw a friend I work with and his wife on the QE Driveway and Elgin and he told me of his new position on my floor as I ran by. Great! I started speeding up past the 3K (or was it 4K?) mark when you could hear the finish line. I was so pumped. I got to pass my nemesis (this racewalker who was really clocking it) and my watch time and chip time were 45:39. The race was everything I thought it could be and so much more! The finish area was great. There was a line up of soldiers giving the runners their medal, and I just walked up to the hottest one to get mine (of course). I met up with another nurse I was chatting up with before the race. It was her first race too and she started running the same time as I did in May and started the LTR class at the same time. She did really well also, finishing about 5 minutes ahead of me. Both of us didn't get one of those post-race blankets, because we figured it was warm enough now. DUMB idea. Should have grabbed one of those blankies. I got cold waiting for my bag at the bag check. I was so happy to see my brown Roots sweatshirt! I got to meet Kiza, Nick, Crash, Strider, Mrs Strider! It was fun to watch the 1/2 marathon with them. I saw most of the Maniacs cross the finish line! Notes to self: My next race, I'm not going to underball myself so much by starting so far to the back. I spent the first half of the race passing families walking 4 to 5 abreast and were making you pass them wide. My fault though, they started at the back themselves to have a relaxing walk or jog. Racewalkers book it fast! Don't like them clocking me, but they were walking faster than I was running! I loved talking to people along the way though. There were alot of runners that this was their first race and they had just started running in the spring like me. All in all, goals met. Ran in the time I wanted with no walking breaks, absorbed the atmosphere, had a great deal of fun! My parents in North Bay were very proud and I have received tons of messages on Facebook. I will be going to bed early tonite though. I'm not used to waking up so early and I have to actually go to work tomorrow. I will be wearing my medal and my raceshirt under my lab coat though!!

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