Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post Army Run . . .

I did it! I did my first 5K race. There was alot of people and alot of pomp. It was really well put together. I ran the whole thing without stopping and followed my plan of starting out slow and gaining speed with each kilometer. I think I started back too far from the start line though, I had to pass alot of walkers walking 4 or 5 across, alot of walkers, strollers, etc. Next time, I think I'll start farther ahead in the back.

Got to meet alot of Maniacs these past couple of days and they all are so supportive and fun. I stayed and watched most of the 1/2 marathon afterwards, but got so tired, I just had to go home for a nap. I had got up so early this morning and the whole thing was so exciting. I had a 2 hour cat nap and am still quite wiped. I'm going to bed early and to work tomorrow!

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