Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy, busy week . . .

It has been a busy (and tiring) week in the wonderful world of Carrieland. The Army Run was Sunday. I had a really bad migraine on Monday - not sure if it was caused by just being tired, stressed, dehydrated, change in weather, all of the above. Worked Tuesday, off Wednesday, worked Thursday and Friday. All 12 hour shifts. Just. Wiped. Out.

The up side is I have achieved my weekly milage goal so far to date. I have started a program to build up some more distance and endurance in my running and therefore to build a stronger base to hopefully, be able to build a 1/2 marathon program starting in January. I don't know where my upcoming surgery is going to fit into this. That is the wildcard, since I have no idea on the date. I tried to phone the neurosurgeon's office again this week to have some idea on a planned date, week, month, year? for this, but no one has called me back yet. I wish I could get some resolution so I can move on. Some days the pain over the stimulator is barely noticeable, but other days (like today) the pain just shoots in your chest like you've been shot. The stimulator was so swollen under my shirt today that you could obviously see it through my black t-shirt at work and it looked like I had a third tit. Attractive.

Not really going through this third surgery for the attractiveness factor. Far from it. The incision is going to be nasty and messy. I am totally aware of this and been told several times. I just want to not worry about snapping wires in my neck and not feeling this underlying throbbing and sharp pain all the time. Obviously with a fast turn-around and back on my feet in a week (I wish!).

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