Thursday, September 18, 2008

4 days and counting until Army Run . . .

I am really looking forward to the Army Run ( I have decided, this being my first race, I am going to go and have a good time and not push myself. I'm just going to finish the 5K and take pictures along the way. My parents will love it!

I was at work today and this shift was indicative on how incredibly lucky I am to be me. I know reading this blog has shown that I have seen my share of unfortunate medical incidents, but I am basically a very content person and I live a relatively peaceful life here at home with a comfortable roof over my head, money to buy whatever I want, and surround myself with three dogs that love me totally unconditionally. My parents are very supportive and I have lots of friends. Some co-workers are not living such a peaceful life. Their personal life has actually changed their personality so much that they do not have a moment of peace and it is so persuasive that it invades the relationships she forms at work. How sad. I hope she finds peace from her personal situation soon and comes to a solution because she is such a special person.

I am also so incredibly lucky to have found Running Mania ( and found a great bunch of supportive friends that have given great advice and support on running and some other things. Running can be taken as a great motivator and metaphor for life and this new lifestyle for me has given me such great strength to deal with my health. I have had many people address this new life force I have been projecting even though my health this past year has not been quite the best. I feel I do have the strength now to wait for a long time for my upcoming surgery with alot of positive thoughts from what I have learnt from running.

I am planning on starting a 10K program after the Army Run and continue on that until the end of December, when I hope to start a half marathon plan (knock-on-wood). Right now, I am really enjoying my 8-9K runs the most and I think I will do well on this plan.

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