Friday, August 15, 2008

Trying on old clothes and other dramas . . .

So last night before bed, I decided to try on some of the old clothes I've been lugging around that I have been to fat to wear. I couldn't believe that I can now get into the "dream jeans" that I have been carrying around for 15 years that I bought at the Gap (when the Gap was cool), although I can't do up the zipper all the way. I must say I that was the skinniest I had been since high school when I wore those jeans. I loved those jeans so much that I had 3 pairs of the same kind (I still have all three). I put them on, and even though I feel so good to get them on, I don't think I could ever wear them outside the house because of the cut of them. They were from the early 90's! The dream jeans. The dream shattered. But the main thing is that I can get them on.

I also tried on an expensive black dress that I bought several years ago for a party that I fit into. I think it was one of the first nephrology dinners. Way too big. I could roll up a towel and put it into the bust of this dress. I have come really far. I think I have lost 5 dress sizes to this point.

Today I have to go shopping and I will be stopping at a couple of clothing stores also because some of the clothes I wear on a daily basis are becoming way to big for me. All my underwear I am swimming in. I have had to throw out several bras and I am waiting to get new ones to throw out the rest. I need to buy new workpants so I can throw out the rest, and I am going to get some new T-shirts to wear to work since some of the ones I am wearing are like mini dresses. Even some of the running bras I bought in the spring are starting to give me some slack and I will have to invest in some more (expensive!)

It is a fantastic (but expensive) thing to happen when you shrink out of all your clothes.

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