Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Raising the bar . . .

My Learn To Run web course through the Running Room (http://www.runningroom.com/) is almost complete and I have been doing really, really well. I am doing about 15K a week and I've actually signed up to do a 10K run October 28th. I think it is doable. I signed up for the Running Room 10K training program, but will just follow this with my present running after the LTR course is finished so I can just complete the 10K race. If I can do this, I am supergirl! Now I am worried that if my surgery is booked within this time window, I'm going to not be able to finish 10K. Oh well, it is understandable - I'll just do the 5K race that day. I'm sure the race officials will understand.

I haven't had a seizure since the second week of July and I am quite happy about that. If I maintain this, I will be back to normal (two seizures a month). My neck and the stimulator are still really sore, especially when a patient went into flash pulmonary edema and I had to tear his shirt off to access his chest (oww - did my neck and chest feel that). Since then, the swelling has been bad and I am starting to feel the wire pull on my neck again. It can feel really uncomfortable sometimes if I think about it - but I try not to allow myself to think about it - there is too much things to do without wallowing about that. I will not allow myself to go to that place again where I feel sorry for myself and feel like a sickly little bird. I have come so far in 6 months!

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Kelly said...

Good go Carrie. You are just awesome. Hope the swelling goes down soon.