Monday, August 25, 2008

My long run Sunday and suffering for it Monday . . .

I had an amazing run on Sunday. I did 9K! I couldn't believe how far I ran. The weather started out so nice. The temperature was nice, there was a nice breeze, very little humidity. I brought enough water (a 1/2 L water bottle and a 1/2 L of water with 1/4 Gatorade). I didn't start feeling uncomfortable until about halfway, when I started noticing it wasn't that nice, comfortable temperature anymore and the humidity became a little uncomfortable. The run along the river was also in the sun the whole way. My legs started cramping and stiffening up with about 2K left. I might have veered off and made it only a 7K run, but I stuck it in there and completed the run. The last 2K, I started doing 5:1's and then 2:1's the last 1K. When I got home, the temperature was 26 degrees with it feeling like 32 degrees with the humidity. I rested the rest of the day by playing with the dogs in the backyard.

Monday morning, about 2 am, I woke up feeling really jumpy and nauseous. I had a panic attack in which I think the focus of it was the upcoming 5K race. I think I was panicking about coming in last or whatever. Really, does anyone really realize what the focus of a bad dream/panic attack? I don't. Anyways, I stayed up for a little bit, playing a boring computer card game on a Palm until I felt really tired (5 minutes). When I woke up in the morning, I had a migraine and the nausea was worse. I took a Maxalt and let the dogs out, called in sick at work and went back to bed (after the dogs came back in). When I woke back up in 3 hours, the migraine was starting to leave, but the nausea was still hanging around. My legs were all wobbly. I have been trying to relax and rest all day.


Michael Schilder said...

Hi. A mutual aquaintance pointed me in your direction. I was thinking of taking up something along the lines of a Running Room clinic to work on increasing my distance running. I tend to not exceed 5km so far, and I need some inspiration into cresting from that to longer distances. I know today I did my 5km without needing to stop and walk, but I definitely was starting to feel done by the end....but I *could* have done a bit more anyways. My path was back to my door though....and well...that's my path.

Anyways, I think I need a) a plan to go past that and b) some other people to motivate me. I was thinking maybe the Running Room was one way to get that.

Carrie said...

I got alot of structure and a plan to increase stamina and distance with the RR. I could have never got as far as I did without the Learn to Run program.