Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thoughts before sleeping . . .

I wrote the following two nights ago before falling asleep . . .

My mind is racing with thoughts of the past and would love to blog all of this but my internet connection has been down all day (because of rain - damn Bell). I inadvertently skipped my anti convulsant drug dose in the morning and I always become a little more creative when I skip a dose or when my stimulator was off - I will have to remember to tell the neuro that. I think it is my right brain trying to exert itself while there is a lapse in security (ha ha).

I am remembering Mr. Montagunes (sp?), who lived across the street on Franklin Street in North Bay. He had a large basset hound named Barney who used to mournfully bark in the night. I loved his bark. Mr. Montagunes had a concentration camp tattoo on his arm and his fingers were cut off by the Nazis. He was always so friendly to us kids in the neighbourhood. He used to pretend he was biting off his finger, then show us the finger stumps.

I remember Dad telling me of playing hockey in Memphis or Nashville and seeing a gang of white guys chasing down a black guy to beat him up. The hockey team was made up of all Canadian guys and went out to defend the black guy because it wasn't a fair fight.

I don't know why I wrote the previous lines before falling asleep, but I did and here they are. I guess these thoughts seemed important that night.

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