Friday, July 11, 2008

Bump in the road and irresponsible Desjardins Pharmacy . . . .

I have been doing well so far until this recent bump in the road. Let me explain.

The running has been going so well. I have improved so much in such a short time. My seizures are back to normal (2x a month has always been my baseline - have never been really less than that since high school, no matter what treatment has been tried) and I am thinking better and better. I am following the Running Room's program ( to a T without any problems. I only had one short run day because the weather was so hot and humid (on Monday, the temperature was 32 and humidex was 42, so I only did 1.5 km that day). I was disappointed, but not too much because the weather was so extreme.

The latest problem has been the pharmacy getting my prescription ready on time. I have had supply problems before at Desjardins Pharmacy in Ottawa here before. They don't like to keep my drugs on supply very much, probably due to how expensive they are and the very few people on them. They have quite often been late by one day, or they don't like me ordering my prescription too early. But this time, they have gone too far.

I ordered my script over the phone on Sunday. My last doses were going to be Tuesday and I assumed that this would give them enough time to get that crap together. I was told that they would have the delivery here at the house Monday evening. Great. Perfect. I was present here at the house.

No delivery on Monday at all, but I was not panicking at this time, because I had Tuesday morning's dose here and was off work on Tuesday to get my delivery. No delivery on Tuesday, and when I called on Tuesday evening, there was no answer.

Wednesday, I had to call in sick and had the first seizure in almost 2 weeks. I called the pharmacy x 3 that day, and was told a few things:

Claim 1. Was told that the driver said he tried to deliver twice to my house, but I wasn't there. BS, I said. I had been here all day and didn't leave for anywhere.

Claim 2. One of the drugs, Trileptal, was expected to be delivered that afternoon, and would be sent out as soon as it came in. I mentioned that the claims by the driver must have been BS, since there wasn't a delivery to be delivered if the drug wasn't even at the pharmacy.

Claim 3. The delivery was out with the driver and should be here in the late afternoon or early evening.

Call 4 couldn't be completed after the delivery didn't arrive because the place was closed.

On Thursday, I was feeling quite rough. I had 2 more seizures and was quite shaky and hadn't slept for two nights. I called first thing in the morning and was assured that the delivery was being sent out first thing in the morning and should arrive sometime in the morning. I was told that if my drugs hadn't arrived, I was to call back at noon.

At 1 pm, I called back and was told that the driver had the bag and was out delivering them between 12 and 6. I asked what happened to first thing in the morning, and wasn't answered. I told the lady that I had missed a few doses and this isn't good for epileptics. She assured me the delivery would be here. Today was my running day and I was in no condition to go running. I was even uncomfortable going outside with the dogs in the backyard. I didn't want to miss the delivery or miss the knock at the door. I was quite discouraged about missing my running day also because this is the first day I have missed a training day. I did arm weights instead inside.

Friday, I called first thing in the morning stating that this was quite poor business practice and I demanded my delivery first thing in the morning. I took the name down of the person on the phone and the pharmacist on duty and told them I was reporting this problem to the Canadian Pharmacy Association and was going to cc: the email to them also. An hour later, I got a call back from the driver asking me if I was going to be home to receive the delivery. I told him I have been here the whole 4 days and he hadn't made any attempt to deliver this whole week. He ignored me and said he was going to be here within the hour.

He delivered the meds finally at 10 am. It was a new guy and I signed the receipt and he made me PRINT my name on the sheet also. I think he is also in crap, and rightly so.

After all this, and missing two work days and having 3 seizures and not sleeping two nights (slept last night after 2 mg of lorazepam) and missing a training day, I will be calling back the pharmacy and letting them know how disappointed I am. I have also been researching other pharmacies that my work drug plan works with so I don't have to pay initially for the prescription. The Walmart in the Train Yards is the other option, and although I HATE going to Walmart, I am going to transfer my prescriptions to this drug store so I don't have to go through this injustice anymore.

I am hoping the drugs kick in and will be going running after lunch. I am going to try and make up the training day lost and get back on track.

PS - I have also been using this sick time to try and find a family doctor, as my neurologist wants me to do. Made a few phone calls and have a few leads, but won't be able to actually see a GP until at least September (waiting lists). Oh well.

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