Thursday, June 26, 2008

Training so far and other tidbits . . .

I started the Learn To Run training programme at the Running Room ( and enrolled online. I have found that the weekly run programmes are really helpful to stick to. I am on the second week and have been running the walk 1 min, run 1 min, walk 1 min using my sports watch with a heart monitor. I keep my heart rate in a pre-programmed range, therefore, you don't get too run down and you can really see progress with endurance. The first time I started with the 1/1/1 x 30 min, my heart rate alarmed three times. The second time it rang only once, so I increased the time and distance. I am now running the 5 K distance that I want to race and I'm going to try and increase my time and increase as the training programme progresses. The next increase in the programme starts on Saturday, when it goes to walk 1, run 2, walk 1.

I have next week off at work. I wasn't going to take any summer holidays because of the upcoming surgery, but with July looming up next week and the OR shutdowns, it looks like it won't occur this next couple of months. Disappointing, but I can turn it into a positive by taking a week off here in July and maybe a week off in August and continue my training. Peanut, Latte and Stella will enjoy it.

You can really notice that school's out in my neighbourhood. The noise from the little kids starts quite early in the morning and goes until late at night. You would figure that these are teenagers, but no, the noises are from sub-12 years old. What are your 8 year old kids doing up at 11 pm? I can't stay up that late! What are your kids doing playing in the backyard at 5:30 am? The only reason I'm up is to go to work!

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