Sunday, June 1, 2008

The running thing . . .

So I am only a few pounds away from my original weight loss goal, that I started at the beginning of February. It is so awe-inspiring and positive to me and a big "thumbs-up" for me to see this after a winter of poor health and negativity. When I reach my goal, I will reset that goal since I know now I can achieve anything.

I have started running now. I used to run when I lived in Toronto in the 1990s and found it a big stress reliever and very meditative. I have found it easier than I thought it would be. I started slow, around the block, walking between two telephone poles and running the next. I also started running to work, which is a little more difficult since it is a slow incline the whole way, but I found out that once I got there, I didn't need so much coffee to stay alert. This weekend, I ran the canal and I ran 4K of it and walked 3K of it. It was easier to keep motivated, since you are in the midst of so many runners that are just starting out, or are intermediate runners, and the advanced runners you can aspire to.

I have set reasonable goals for myself with the running I find. I hope my upcoming surgery doesn't interfere with the running, but I don't think I will let it that much. I am going to run the 5K Army Run in September and either the 5 or 10K Rattle Me Bones Run in October. Both I don't have to go very far for since they are all here downtown. I can't wait to go shopping for some new running shoes next week. The shoes that I am running in now are cross trainers, but are still really comfortable, so I will bring them with me when I go shopping and find something similar.

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Kelly said...

Hey, congrats on the return to running! Nice to hear you are feeling better.