Thursday, June 26, 2008

Training so far and other tidbits . . .

I started the Learn To Run training programme at the Running Room ( and enrolled online. I have found that the weekly run programmes are really helpful to stick to. I am on the second week and have been running the walk 1 min, run 1 min, walk 1 min using my sports watch with a heart monitor. I keep my heart rate in a pre-programmed range, therefore, you don't get too run down and you can really see progress with endurance. The first time I started with the 1/1/1 x 30 min, my heart rate alarmed three times. The second time it rang only once, so I increased the time and distance. I am now running the 5 K distance that I want to race and I'm going to try and increase my time and increase as the training programme progresses. The next increase in the programme starts on Saturday, when it goes to walk 1, run 2, walk 1.

I have next week off at work. I wasn't going to take any summer holidays because of the upcoming surgery, but with July looming up next week and the OR shutdowns, it looks like it won't occur this next couple of months. Disappointing, but I can turn it into a positive by taking a week off here in July and maybe a week off in August and continue my training. Peanut, Latte and Stella will enjoy it.

You can really notice that school's out in my neighbourhood. The noise from the little kids starts quite early in the morning and goes until late at night. You would figure that these are teenagers, but no, the noises are from sub-12 years old. What are your 8 year old kids doing up at 11 pm? I can't stay up that late! What are your kids doing playing in the backyard at 5:30 am? The only reason I'm up is to go to work!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hot and humid . . .

It's been quite hot and humid the last couple of days. I have central air, so my household has not suffered at all but I only ran the first day and the last couple of days I have not been running, but walking.

I got new shoes on Saturday from the Running Room ( after trying on about 8 pairs. I have big feet (how lady-like!). I ended up getting a pair of AdiStar Cushion 6 shoes and it feels like I am running in socks. What a difference. I am now running 1km without stopping without any difficulty at all.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tutus for my little nieces . . .

My little nieces really like to wear tutus. I got a e-mail from S. saying they were entered in this contest for the tutu they designed. If you go to and vote for "blue lagoon" I would be very much appreciated. I hope they win. I would vote more often, but you can only vote once. I'm going to try and vote at work also.

I am starting to enter my training logs for running that I have been keeping. I hope it also inspired others to take up something that they didn't think they would ever be able to do. The hardest thing is overcoming the inertia. Once you get going, it becomes easy.

Training Log to date . . . (running is easier than you think)

May 29th

Started on my first day training! I am inspired by Monique's ½ marathon at the Ottawa Race Weekend and my wish to continue my "weight loss journey" (sounds sappy).

I started by running around the block to see how things went. I have been walking hard since January, so I thought it would be a logical progression.

I ran 0.77k with walk breaks slightly more than the running. I was trying for walking to a telephone pole and running to a telephone pole but had to make longer walking breaks by past the second half. It took less than 10 minutes. I felt really good and felt I could continue with this without any difficulty.

May 30th

I ran to work. The distance was 1.48k and I ran about equal to the walking. I was proud because there is a slight, but noticeable incline on the way to work. I certainly felt that the next day in my quads. I read that night that I shouldn't be running on the sidewalk, since concrete is less forgiving than the asphalt. I will remember that. I got to work sweaty, but felt so energized, that I didn't need coffee right away. I felt the runner's "high" through to the afternoon. Started thinking about goals I could make for myself. I thought I should aim for running the 5k at the Army Run in September. I was so happy to discuss all of this with Monique, because she just started running, and she has already done a ½ marathon. Of course she is way more fit than I am and has been running on the treadmill for a long time. I have a long term goal of running the Ottawa Race Weekend ½ marathon next May (crossing fingers).

May 31st

Turned out to be a great day. The goal for today was to run/walk to the Canada Trust on Pretoria and walk back, stopping at the Green Door on the way back. I was really good running on the way there, walking slightly less than I ran. My walking breaks are getting shorter and my need for recovery time is getting less. I was told by someone at the hospital that if I was a runner before, I should be able to train again really well. When I lived in Toronto, I used to run 5k and 10k all the time for stress relief. When I got to Canada Trust, I wanted to continue and saw all the runners on the Canal and got inspired. I figured that I could continue, thinking that I could just take a cab home if I got too tired and was too far from home to return back. I alternated running and walking between light posts. I was surprised at my endurance, since I was continuing to run, even though it was past half way. I continued this alternating until I got to Bank Street bridge, when the sun kept beating on me and I ran out of gas to run. Too hot. I walked to Dow's Lake Pavillion from there. Probably did about 4k running and 3k running, since I was so good on the first half. I felt really good about this run. The shower when I got home felt so good too. Distance totaled 7.64k.

June 1st

Rest day – thought I deserved it. A little sore through the muscles along the sides of the shins, but I did run half of the run yesterday on the sidewalk. I didn't hurt on top of the shins though. I also felt sore on my quads. None of the aches were that bad though.

June 2nd

Ran to and from work, probably ran ½ and walked ½. My stimulator really hurt and was swollen and those muscles along the sides of my shins still hurt. Distance totaled 3.15k.

June 3rd

Called in sick for work today. Seizure. Felt really, really drained during the whole day. Never really got off the couch or the bed until after 6pm. I couldn't wait to run again though so my spirits were still quite high.

June 4th

Gearing up all morning to run. I warmed up by mowing the lawn in the back yard with the push mower. Buying the push mower was a great idea. It does a good job with no noise and no messy gas. A good workout too. I decided to run along the Rideau River today. I walked along Alta Vista to the other side of Riverside because of the sidewalk and the street is too busy to run on the pavement. I couldn't believe my endurance today. I ran from Riverside, past Hurdman Station, and to the Rideau River pathway, which is almost a whole kilometer in length, without stopping. I felt really good and didn't feel too taxed at all. Walked a bit and ran most of pathway to Riverside and Smyth (about running). Walked up Smyth to Alta Vista home to cool down. Total distance 4.71k.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The running thing . . .

So I am only a few pounds away from my original weight loss goal, that I started at the beginning of February. It is so awe-inspiring and positive to me and a big "thumbs-up" for me to see this after a winter of poor health and negativity. When I reach my goal, I will reset that goal since I know now I can achieve anything.

I have started running now. I used to run when I lived in Toronto in the 1990s and found it a big stress reliever and very meditative. I have found it easier than I thought it would be. I started slow, around the block, walking between two telephone poles and running the next. I also started running to work, which is a little more difficult since it is a slow incline the whole way, but I found out that once I got there, I didn't need so much coffee to stay alert. This weekend, I ran the canal and I ran 4K of it and walked 3K of it. It was easier to keep motivated, since you are in the midst of so many runners that are just starting out, or are intermediate runners, and the advanced runners you can aspire to.

I have set reasonable goals for myself with the running I find. I hope my upcoming surgery doesn't interfere with the running, but I don't think I will let it that much. I am going to run the 5K Army Run in September and either the 5 or 10K Rattle Me Bones Run in October. Both I don't have to go very far for since they are all here downtown. I can't wait to go shopping for some new running shoes next week. The shoes that I am running in now are cross trainers, but are still really comfortable, so I will bring them with me when I go shopping and find something similar.