Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Blackberry, puppy urine infections, house mess . . .

The sun is shining outside and the weather remains great. The grass is getting quite long so it is probably time to start thinking about buying that new lawn mower. Actually, I have been thinking about it for awhile, but am too lazy to start getting it. I've been having a few little but frequent seizures lately that haven't been strong in intensity, but have still drained the energy that I have regained in the past couple of months. The house has been gathering a little (a lot) of dust bunnies and one of the bamboo mats in the kitchen is starting to smell like puppy urine. (So that's where she has been going!) It is not a strong smell, but I can smell it every once and a while.

Stella has finished the second round of antibiotics and I am supposed to take another urine sample but I know it will be positive for reasons that don't need to be explained in detail here. Her little "thingy" is tucked in and makes it prone to getting it a little "dirty" when she goes "numero duo." I am trying to weigh if I should try to clean her well "down there" after every "doo-doo" and give her cranberries to try and cure this naturally, or else get more and more antibiotics, risking these meds not working in the future and having surgery. The vet thought that this "tucking in of her thingy" might be resolved as she grows up, or it might not. I will have to think this over better. Right now, she is not looking like she is suffering at all and she is still peeing well.

I love my new Blackberry. I got a Blackberry Curve 8330 and it is so much better than my Treo 650. It integrates everything so well together and I don't have to go to the internet on the phone to get email. I will have to get used to the text messaging on it, which isn't as good as the Treo, but I think the phone has all the text bells and whistles on the Blackberry Messenger, of which I don't think I have any friends that have the BB, but have all different phones and smart phones. It still works fine and I love the rollerball better than whipping out a stylus to use it all the time. I can use it better with one hand rather than two hands with the Treo.

I am completely starving right now, so I'll go make some tofu and romaine salad.

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