Monday, March 10, 2008

Puppies and too much snow . . .

I've been a bad blogger. I haven't posted in awhile. I have a logical excuse though. I started back at work full time. It's a little tiring so far; I still do mornings at the Riverside, but in the afternoon, I go to the General to work on my floor. There isn't much paperwork to do there; I guess there is someone doing it also, so I try to be as useful as possible. It is important that I work outside of the "bubble" at the Riverside though. I need to work in chaos to get used to multi-tasking again and hear noise.

Stella came on Saturday also. What a wonderful puppy. I started losing it when I picked her up for the first time. She is so adorable. I can't wait to see her grow up and what she will turn into. Peanut and Latte generally have accepted her pretty well. Stuff still has to be ironed out. Peanut has established that she is top dog pretty fast. Stella has adopted her as her surrogate mum apart from me. Peanut looks a lot like Cami (Stella's real mummie). Latte is more problematic. It looks like she is having more difficulty establishing her order. She has always been a very submissive dog. Stella is showing Latte that she is on the bottom by turning on her tummy while they are playing and doing everything to show that she is bottom dog, but Latte seems to be still unsure. They have fun playing together outside where they have a little more space. Latte gets a little frustrated that Stella isn't as fast or as agile over the huge snow banks, but that will come. Where things get a little frustrating is in bed when we go to sleep. She has only been here two days and everything will take time, but it takes over an hour to establish where each dog sleeps on the bed every night. Peanut picks a spot. Stella wanders around on the bed and Latte jumps out of the way and bugs Peanut's established spot and someone jumps on me. This continues the whole time. Last night, Peanut just got sick of the whole thing and moved to the living room, which upsets Stella, because Stella misses Peanut's presence. Latte won't relax and Peanut won't come back until things are relatively settled and Stella won't relax until Peanut comes back. It was really frustrating because the previous night during the storm, which was Stella's first night in the house, I was understandably up every 2 to 3 hours with the dogs outside in that snow. The snow was coming down so hard I had to shovel outside the door so I can open it and the stairs and the main path in the back yard because the snow got so deep in a couple of hours, it was always over Stella's head.

The next day, I discovered the limitations I had to the second greatest total snowfall in a winter Ottawa has ever seen. The snow is now too much for the little snow blower I have. This is the fifth single snowfall we have had that is TALLER than the snow blower. This becomes a big problem. When the snow is ABOVE the chute, it becomes a bigger problem. The snow banks are now taller than what the chute can throw them, so all the snow banks along the driveway are all collapsing and I have no way of getting rid of the snow once it falls back on the driveway. I don't have much of a driveway anymore. I am not bothering with the snow at the end of the driveway, because it is filled with ice chunks that are too big for my little electric snow blower to get rid of. The walkway to the door was horrible though. The snow banks are now over 8 feet high and could really be dangerous if they collapsed on someone coming to the door. I had to build them in a modified pyramid style and hopefully they won't collapse on anyone. Anymore snow and I am in real trouble – wait – I'm in real snow-removal problems now.

Anyways, that is the news to date.

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