Saturday, February 9, 2008

Without internet access for 4 days now . . .

Today is Saturday, February 09, and I am just going to accumulate blog entries until I have internet access again. I wrote the previous one on my Treo, but you can only type out so much text before it locks you out. It is quite frustrating. I guess I could by a data card for it, but with me thinking about switching to another Smartphone, what's the point? I like the Treo for the touch screen, but it is deficient in web browser and email and such.

The internet connection problem is quite frustrating and Bell & Sympatico are frustrating as well. My phone line is completely dead and you just can't get any answer from them. When this contract is over, I will be leaving Sympatico and get with someone who can provide consistent internet service. If it is the phone line is the problem, they should replace it. This has happened a few times now. They don't want to replace it, so I should just get a cable line or something else. This is just silly. I don't know how they keep customers around when they don't have service to provide them.

Went out to Breakfast Club today and laughed so hard.

I worked two days this week and it is good to get back to work. It is a different job and a different pace than I am used to. It is quite a quiet area and a lot of paperwork to get through. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the job done completely before I get back to my real job.

I've been feeling good lately, but I get tired easily.

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