Monday, February 4, 2008

There might be light at the end of the long, winding tunnel . . . .

Well, I heard the most positive news yet about the work situation from M today. No, it wasn't that I can go back, but that I have a job waiting for me at the Nephro Clinic working with files that will go on for about 6 weeks. I guess I'm not thrilled about working with everyone else (I won't miss JB though), but at least I will be doing something worthwhile and that is needed rather than wandering the halls feeling useless. On top of that, I thought, that the Riverside Hospital is closer to my house than the General (although not by much) but I can go home for lunch with the puppy coming in March. Hopefully it all will work out .

Peanut hurt her knee again playing in the deep snow. I tried to snowblow the paths in the backyard after the storm, but it ended up being too much to do that day, and I tried to do the backyard today, but with all the warmer weather, the snow weighs so much. I did the best I could, but she is still walking through the deep snow and coming up limping. I am trying to encourage her to use her special orthopaedic bed that I bought her for x-mas and I'm going to try and crush an aspirin and hide it in her food for supper.

The puppy is coming March 8th. I think I will name her Stella. That was the name I originally wanted to name the puppy when I started waiting for the puppy almost a year ago, so I guess that is what I am set upon. These are the puppies and Stella is in the middle of this puppy pile.

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