Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Small victories . . .

I started a diet at the beginning of February to try and lose some of the weight I gained during "house arrest." I'm not trying to get skinny, because that is not going to happen on the current regimen of anticonvulsants I am on now, but just trying to get back to what I consider the lowest weight I have been on since I started the Keppra and Trileptal. I am just using a website called www.my-calorie-counter.com because all you do is track what you eat all day using their lists from their databases or if you are eating a food that is not on their list, you can easily input the nutrition label from the side of the package. I was cooking my cauliflower curry dish and I just inputted the recipe and then divided it by serving. Easy. It also has a large list of activities you can use to take away calories, even housework. I like this because I find that laundry is hard work, especially when you have a lot of it and the washer and dryer is downstairs in the dungeon. The funny thing is, being vegan, it is easy to stay under 2000 calories without even trying. I also keep telling people that I get adequate protein, and the proof is that every day, I have been over my daily protein count by at least 10. This programme has made me see that I am still taking in too much fat, but the positive thing is that very little of it is saturated fat, and the past week I have taken in 0 in cholesterol (not surprising since I am vegan) and very little in saturated fat. We'll see how long this lasts. I just want to get back to the weight I was in the summer, pre-house arrest, before the seizures really started affecting my life.

I am now approved to go back to work. A small victory, of course. I do only work half days for four weeks on medically-supervised paperwork, which kind of sucks, since I do live by myself. I guess our director at work is putting me to work at our department clinic at a different hospital going through files for six weeks. That is disappointing, because I really wanted to get back in the groove with all my friends at work. The positive thing about it is I will be a little closer to home (what- ten feet?) so I can walk home and look after the puppy when Stella gets here March 8th. I think with Stella arriving, it will pick my mood up even more and give me something to look forward to. This year started out in the toilet, hopefully I can steadily make it positive all year.

My street has had increased traffic all year until it has reached the point that you can't even cross the street during the two rush hours. This is a residential street. The increased pollution and noise is horrible. This is also an ambulance route, with the hospital just around the corner, and they can't even get down the street. The city has been making some small changes, like I have noticed they are posting a police officer in an unmarked car nailing speeders and they are removing snow banks this winter during the day, causing a major traffic jam, maybe to stop people from using this street as a throughway. I know this is a "old person's" complaint, but living here with all this unnecessary traffic does affect quality of life.

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