Saturday, March 1, 2008

The first meeting of the Alta Vista Social Club . . .

I know I am little inebriated and typing when I have to use the backspace key a lot to correct inappropriate language and odd typing. The letter "h" has snuck into a lot of words without correction and I am reversing letters in words. Spell check makes me look more sober.

I had a real fun night tonight. I think it will really help my confidence and my self esteem by going out and having fun without worrying about having a seizure or whether or not one is going to happen. We went out to the Ottawa Jail Hostel and had a tour. I had never been in there before and learnt a lot. The cells and death row were really informative – how small the cells were and the living space the prisoners were living in. The gallows were haunting, especially the story of Whelan (sp), the man who supposedly killed Thomas D'Arcy McGee. I would love to go on another tour. I'm glad that there are several tours to choose from. It was really entertaining.

The dinner was great. Well, the company was great. I didn't think much of the restaurant; I had chosen the most 'white bread' restaurant I could that would appeal to the most people. The company was great. We had a great time. I did indulge in a little too much red wine, but once in a blue moon, I think it is fine. I hope everyone else had a good time also.

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