Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday dinner out

A bunch of us went out for a variety of reasons – my birthday, M's birthday, etc. It was surprisingly fun! I haven't been out socially for such a long time, ever since my "health problems" started, not including Breakfast Club. We went to the Empire Grill and had a good meal, good wine, and fun talk. We went out across the street to the Rainbow Room to listen to some blues afterwards. It wasn't a "blues" band to be specific, the band sounded like a folk-rock band and the singer sounded a little bit like Tracy Chapman. It was very loud. I'm not very use to that just yet and I was getting tired. N stayed at the Rainbow, some of the people went to Foundation, and M, M, and I went to find some coffee. I had no idea of the time of night, but started figuring it out when Starbucks was closed, So Good was closed, etc. That's when we decided to go home. I can't wait to go out again now. It had been so long that I forgot about the experience. The dogs were happy to see me though.

I'm still fighting with work to go back to work. Dr. G has sent two notes that I am allowed to go back, and yet no one wants the responsibility to take me back. The Occ Health nurse and my manager want me to fill out the long term disability forms, but I don't think they'll accept them, because when it asks me when I expect to go back to work, I want to fill in "two weeks ago." I sent an e-mail to the union because this is discrimination.

I've been feeling quite down the past two weeks. I think it is the stress of all this work BS, financial stress, emotional stress, and seasonal affective disorder (which I don't have, but when you haven't had a lot of sun in a month, I think everyone gets affected by it). I have proven that taking vitamin D supplements doesn't really work to prevent this January "funk" in my case.

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