Monday, January 21, 2008

Too injured to keep up right now . . .

Ahhhh . . . sorry for the backlog. I cut my finger about three days ago and I haven't been able to type very well lately. I accidentally cut the fingerprint off my left index finger. I was cutting up tofu in the kitchen so my supper that night wasn't exactly 100% vegan. (Big LOL). I've been really having a lot of problems getting it healed because I cut off so much, so I keep having to put dressings on it. Makes it hard to type and it is taking a long time just to type these few words. I haven't forgotten at all.

I have been going through a bit of a funk lately. I'm just feeling like crap, not doing anything, feeling sorry for myself, not having any ambition to do anything. I just am not improving as fast as I would like and keep getting down about it. The surgical area around the new stimulator is collecting fluid over the past week and I now feel as if I have a third boob growing just underneath my collarbone. The line going up my neck is now swelling up so much you now can see it without too much trouble, whereas it was just showing up if I turned my neck to the right. It throbs and aches all the time, whereas over a week ago, I wasn't feeling any pain there at all. My seizure rate has improved – but only mathematically. I still feel like I am getting kicked in the pants all the time.

I wanted to go back to work earlier, and my neuro said I could go back on paperwork, but the hospital doc told me no. That's really frustrating because he doesn't know anything to be making that kind of judgment. I know I am pushing it and I do need the extra time to get better, but financially, I am using up my savings "getting better." You can only afford to get better so long.

I haven't seen that Diet Pepsi commercial lately at all. I can only definitively say I saw it twice, and the other ones of that series I have seen more often. I haven't seen it on other channels other than the Comedy Network. I'll keep checking that site to see if they had posted it there yet, but as of tonite, they haven't posted it yet.

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