Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thoughts for today . . .

I saw the funniest commercial on TV that I have seen recently. I saw it on the Comedy Network; while I was watching the Colbert Report (they are starting new shows finally!) It was a Diet Pepsi commercial where the scene was a wedding reception and the DJ started playing "Mony, Mony" by Billy Idol. A nerdy guy gets on the dance floor and starts singing the "inferred" chorus – you know the inferred words I'm talking about – "hey motherfucker, get laid, get fucked!" Of course, the commercial bleeps out his words and his mouth so you can't see what he is saying – but everyone in the target audience knows the words. This commercial caught me so off guard, I just laughed so hard! I actually tried to look up this commercial on You Tube to post on here but it hasn't been posted yet. I'll keep looking.

The latest weather here in Ottawa is the January thaw they warned us about. There hasn't been any flooding that I can see. It has just been really, really foggy. Yesterday afternoon, it was hard to see across at the houses across the street. I usually use that visual cue to judge the amount of snowfall we get. It has been quite dark because of this. Luckily, I'm taking Vitamin D this winter. There has been quite a bit of recent research on the use of supplemental Vitamin D on people who live in this part of the world and more north during the winter on mood, cardiovascular health, etc., so I've decided to try it this winter to see if it works. I'm not sure if it has been any benefit, with January and February being the worst months for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but with all the turmoil going on in my life this past couple of months, anything is a benefit as far as I'm concerned.

I lost another chance for a puppy over the X-mas break. The first litter of puppies I was supposed to have a chance at was a false pregnancy. The second litter was 9 puppies, with yellow and black labs but all the black labs were black and the yellow puppies were a mixture of female and males. I am wanting a black female lab because I already have the yellow and chocolate lab. I am willing to wait forever for the perfect puppy. The litter born over the X-mas break was all yellow labs. The next litter will be born next month. I would love the puppy to come home over spring or summer. It is easier to house train them because I get a little impatient outside waiting for "potty" when it is -32 outside. If I was a little puppy, I would prefer to pee on the floor inside where it is warm than go outside when it is that cold on my little paws and little body.

I called EI here in Ottawa to make sure the hospital sent them the papers they needed. He was rude on the phone when I kept asking him to repeat himself. He was talking so fast and it was taking me a long time to digest what he was saying. He started sounding "short" and frustrated at me when I kept asking him what he meant or what he said. I apologized to him, saying "sorry, I need you to repeat yourself because I just had brain surgery (a little exaggeration, but I'm not going to keep explaining to people about the epilepsy stimulator every time it comes up). After that, he started being nice and patient with me, so it was worth it. I think everything is now straightened up. I now just have to wait until the big bureaucracy kicks in.

I saw this little snippet on CNN so I had to post this here. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/offbeat/2008/01/08/glassberg.nj.man.living.in.ikea.wabc

This, to me, is quite funny because I own a lot of IKEA furniture. I would love to have all IKEA furniture (I'm pretty close now), but I can't stand how busy the store is, especially on the weekends. People go to IKEA and let their kids run around free and buy light bulbs. It is sometimes impossible to shop for furniture. I think Ottawa just needs another, bigger IKEA.

I bought a beautiful rosemary tree from Loblaws before X-mas and I think I killed it already. It smelled so beautiful and it was shaped so nice, I just had to have it. Fresh rosemary in food just tastes so good. Being away for two weeks just dried it out and when I came back, there was still some green on it, I thought it was salvageable. Today, I went to water it, and it looks like it is all dead. What a waste. I am just so grateful that the coffee tree survived. I'm surprised the rosemary tree died. I thought they were hardier than that.

I was glad that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report were back on TV, despite the writers' strike. After watching both shows, I thought that Jon Stewart had a bit of a problem without his writers, but, of course, I will give him a chance to come back from being without writers. Stephen Colbert, I thought, was almost the same without his writers. The Last Word wasn't played, so it is obvious the writers write that, but the rest of the show sounds just like him. Being confined to my house these past couple months; I have relied on books, music and TV, the computer, along with friends. With the writers' strike, the TV has been slowly taken away. I don't watch a lot of TV shows, but the ones I do watch are all repeats and I don't like watching repeats that much. I'm glad that these two shows are back.




Justin said...

I was JUST looking up this commercial on youtube and couldn't find it. I decided to search google and your blog came up. I was watching the Colbert Report on the 9th and saw this commercial, and I reacted just as you did. I can't wait for them to post this ad on youtube, it's one of the best I've seen in a long, long time. I'm also in Ottawa, at Carleton U. Have a good night!

Carrie said...

If you find this commercial on youtube, please drop me a note. I would love to post it. Thanks Justin!

Quipp said...

My friend and I saw that Diet Pepsi ad (on the 10th perhaps, during Family Guy) and after we wiped the laughter induced bloodtears from our eyes, we conceded that we will never see that f***ing awesome commercial ever again.

I glad to know a few others participated in this time shifted 'one time only' mass hallucination. We didn't mind thinking we were insane and had imagined it, but even having proof this commercial existed is enough to make me start laughing all over again.

Please please please update your blog with a link if you find it online and I will do the same if the fates bless me with a source for this hilarious gem.


Carrie said...


Found this link that has some of the spots that started at the same time the "Mony, Mony" commercial started, and Pepsi states on this site they will soon be adding more. The "Mony, Mony" one isn't on there yet, but I would suggest that we keep checking. As soon as it is posted, I'll post it here.