Saturday, January 12, 2008

Low energy day

I had a quiet day today. I love sleeping in until the late hours of the morning, but I am staying up late into the early morning.

I took the dogs for our first walk around the neighbourhood since I have been taken off my medical "house arrest." I took Peanut and Latte individually out though because I didn't want to but any stress on my incision and the wires in my neck. They were really upset at first that they were being separated, especially Latte, and Latte remained a little tense through the first half of the walk. I took her for a longer walk and let her go off-leash in the park because she needs to burn off more energy. Peanut just goes slow and has to sniff everything along the way, so we just went around the block. They seemed really happy about it.

I've been almost totally non-productive today which is disgusting. I had a seizure earlier and am just feeling like a sack of poo, like my energy has been sucked out of the bottoms of my feet and I have to wait hours before my energy comes back – like when your cell phone battery runs down to nothing and you have to plug it in for a couple of hours before you can use it again. I wanted to go grocery shopping today because there is almost absolutely nothing in the house, but ran out of energy, time, and will. At least the dogs got a walk.

Epilepsy sucks.

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