Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowed in . . .

I was anxiously awaiting this storm all yesterday when I heard about it. I watch CNN most days in the background until I feel like listening to music and their weather report gave me more instant information than our Canadian sources ( I started hearing the wind pick up significantly at (exactly) 0433 this morning because the wood chimes started picking up and banging on the front porch. You could hear the sound of the wind hitting my bedroom window along with it. Dad is coming Monday morning, so I have to keep the driveway clear with the snowblower. With the snow blowing sideways, and the wind so strong, I can't hold onto the screendoor casually, there is no way I can see enough to use a snowblower. I will have to wait until tonite and hopefully the wind will be settling down by then. I can hardly see across the street.

My surgery is Tuesday. I don't think it has sunk in yet. It is always on my mind, but I don't think it will sink in until that morning. I had such a very bad thought last night that made me shudder and I am resisting typing it here today. I had a really bad "feeling," a harbinger, an omen. It seemed really dark and I totally shut it out of my mind until I knew it was gone, but I had a vision of this stage of my life was over and it was all down hill from here. I don't know what that means. I'm not sure I believe in "fortune telling" but it was there and I'm trying to figure out why I had such a bad, bad feeling. I don't think I have ever had such a bad feeling before. It was so very dark - it felt like something reached out from under the floor and tried to pull me down for a brief second. It is gone now. I am just reciting what happened. I don't have that feeling at all right now, and it was only for about 30 seconds at the most, but it was scary.

Peanut is doing so well. She is running around in the snow and she hasn't barfed in about a week [as I type this, a big gust of wind just made my roof creak. I'm surprised I still have satellite hookup right now]. I saw her yesterday morning and the morning before pick up that left back foot when she was in the backyard, but she is not limping on it and seems to be a hell-of-a more hyperactive (a little unusual). At least she is not in pain anymore. She is back on the 100% organic flax seed oil in her food twice a day (flax seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and great lubricant of joints in the form of omega-3 fatty acids). Latte gets it in the morning because of her skin condition and I take it in my homemade salad dressing because as a vegan, I don't eat omega-3 fatty acids as part of my diet. Peanut also gets this liquid glucosamine-chondritin-MSM twice a day in her food. If she is given any pills, she'll just throw it up and I don't want to go through that again. Both of them are just passed out on the couch right now.

We were up a couple of times last night, as you can see from the time I noted when the wind started. I had a seizure last night and I think I lost my airway for a bit and was dangerously lying on my back because when I came out of it at 0330, I was coughing and coughing, trying to get rid of all this stuff in my lungs and I was having problems breathing. I feel fine now, but my chest hurts from all the coughing last night and the heaving, trying to breathe properly. I hope I didn't get any pneumonia just before my surgery. That would suck. [Roof creaks again and the snow has obliterated the houses across the street.]

I just let the dogs outside for a bathroom break, and I am losing the war on keeping the back door clear. I could only open the door enough to let the dogs out and the door is above the level of the first stair. I think we have 20 cm of snow now in 4 hours. It is dead outside. There was some traffic around 9 or 10 am, but there isn't anything out there now. I think this is now the worst of the storm at a little after 12 right now.

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