Friday, December 7, 2007

I have a date

So, the date for surgery is December 18th. I can't wait for all this to be resolved so I can go on and live my life. Peanut has not barfed in 24 hours, but is still eating rice until I know for sure this is done, because I can do something better than chasing Peanut over the house and finding new areas she has tried to hide her puke. Yum. Peanut's new orthopedic dog bed arrived and it is better than my bed. Has memory foam and everything. She has even laid down on it today and seemed to get comfortable right away. Where is she sleeping right now? My bed, of course.

Dad is coming down on December 17th and will stay post-op three days. It will be nice to have him around. Makes for an easy guest in this house. Speaking about guests, Breakfast Club is having their x-mas party here at my house and unfortunately, someone I don't want to come has been invited. They are not part of Breakfast Club. I find this person rude and ignorant, generally speaking and want the party surrounded by friends I love to be around. Hopefully, this person won't come.

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