Friday, December 7, 2007

Bits from today

I got my delivery from Life Organic ( today, I had ordered the organic Mighty Leaf Earl Grey tea ( and its to die for. It was added to a delivery a couple weeks ago as a free sample and its such a wonderful tea that I had to get it. I'm not known to be a big tea drinker, but I tend to drink tea at home at night. During the summer, I make it into iced tea and during the winter, I make a big pot of tea and drink it through the night. This Earl Grey though is wonderful. It is a little expensive for tea though, but tastes so wonderful. You can taste the freshness of the bergamot in it. This is what I am drinking now.

I got my Vegetarian Times magazine for January and there are some great soup recipes in it this month that I just have to try. One is a Vietnamese Pho soup that I want to try and I would love to be able to go grocery shopping but I haven't been able to catch a ride with anyone for almost two weeks now (it is actually more than two weeks). It sucks because I am out of so much important stuff that I actually need.

I am glad I got all my x-mas presents. My presents for Peanut and Latte came in and I was so happy with the price, delivery, and quality from L.L. Bean. ( By the way, I'm not advertising for these companies, I'm just saying they have been really great! I got Peanut and Latte these doggie gift bags filled with Planet Dog toys ( I was actually going to order their presents through Planet Dog, but I thought these little bags were cute. They are two little L.L. Bean canvas bags with embroidered dog paws on them and inside were two Planet Dog toys, a bag of peanut butter dog cookies, and a Planet Dog sticker. I have ordered from Planet Dog before and I love to put these stickers on their kibble containers. L.L. Bean has free shipping through Canada Post and the stuff comes in three to four days - really fast. You don't have to pay for GST at the door to the delivery guy like you do for other American companies. The great thing about online shopping this year was that Canadian money was more than par. I also got Peanut an orthopedic bed from L.L. Bean and it is awesome. I think I mentioned before that it is better than my Sealy posterpedic (sic). It has memory foam and it is so comfortable. I wish it was people-sized so the dogs can have the bed and I can sleep on the god (I'm actually leaving in this typo on purpose - too funny) bed.

I also (for myself) downloaded Amy Winehouse's album off of iTunes because I have been hearing it alot on Galaxie satellite and love to hear it. It's everything I love about blues in one album. Billie Holliday/Julie London combination - in one voice. Too bad she is so fucked up on drugs and booze. There is so much soul in her voice.

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