Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The vet visit

The visit to the vet went better than expected. Latte knew something was afoot as soon as we went outside to wait for the Pet Taxi van. They both bravely got into the van, Peanut with adventure and Latte with trepidation, and Latte whined the whole way. I'm sure she knew where she was going.

When we got there, it took about 10 minutes to calm her down enough to get used to the place. Peanut acted like it was her office. Peanut calmly sat on the scale like a good girl, looking at all the cookies she was going to get. Latte couldn't be coaxed on the scale to save her life. A vet assistant and I had to lift her off the ground to put her on the scale. After that, she calmed down a bit. We went into an exam room and she whined most of the time. Peanut's exam showed that the limping she has been doing is her knee, she has a blown knee, ligament, whatever and needs surgery to stabilize it again or else she will be permanently lame. Since it just started last week, it seems like it was caught early. She is to get a bunch of x-rays under sedation tommorrow (big, big bucks - over 500 for the whole day - and that's not even the surgery). Both girls did very well with their needles but Peanut always puts up a fight with the bordella one (kennel cough gets sprayed up the nose). Latte took it very well.

So it is back to the vet again tommorrow for most of the day. I'm not sure if we should take the Pet Taxi there and I should just stay down the street at the Starbucks until they are done, or go home and wait for their call and go there and take Pet Taxi back. If I stay down the street at Starbucks, at least it will save on cab fare, which I should start doing since these x-rays are going to cost over 500 and the surgery is probably going to cost 1200 easy at x-mas time - I think I should stay down the street if she is going to be out around lunch. I'm already dipping into my mutual fund contributions for this year for Peanut's knee surgery. I hope she enjoys it! I'm sure she'll enjoy the morphine - it's always good. A mentioned on Facebook that it is ironic that Peanut will have her surgery before mine. It's kind of sick in a way - Peanut is my baby and I'd do anything for her, don't get me wrong. But she is diagnosed on Monday, has the diagnosis and the tests done Tuesday, and the surgery is tentatively booked for Wednesday, and will be out of the vet that evening. My battery goes dead in April, I don't get in to officially see my neuro and have diagnostic tests until June, see the neurosurgeon in July who says I am an "urgent" case, finally get a surgery booking for October, have it cancelled the day before, and am still waiting the rebooking of the surgery, while my seizures steadily increase in frequency and severity. Love it. Even my mother had her surgery for her hip replacement in this amount of time and is going to start riding horses post op in January. Have I been screwed? Yes, I know I've been screwed. But what do people care about? All you hear about are kids' diseases, kids' hospitals, breast cancer, heart disease, etc. No one cares about epileptics. No one cares and we are bottom of any list. Most of us are retarded, non-functional, unemployed, not contributing to society - so why should I have this surgery ahead of anyone else? Give all the surgical beds and surgery time to the smokers, the partiers, the workaholics, the people with poor diets, they are the productive ones. I am just one person who, on paper, looks like a waste of hospital time.

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