Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Upcoming Humour

I just wanted to alert everyone of a funny story that will appear here next week. It might not turn out funny because I'm not supposed to be stressed out, but somewhere down the line it's going to be a funny story. Here is the background . . .

Latte is terrified of the vet. The last time she was there, I nearly asked them to sedate her just to get her out of the place. Peanut loves the vet and has absolutely no problem there. She loves them because they feed her, she parades around the place, smells everything, and acts like everyone showed up just to please her. Latte just freaks out like the world is going to end and she needs to remove herself from the place as fast as possible or she is going to blow up and she doesn't care who she takes with her. We haven't been to the vet for two years. Partially because of the last incident, and also because the rabies shot they got lasts two years. Peanut and Latte's normal vet, Dr. T, was on maternity leave last time we were there. Previous visits, she always got down on the ground with Latte and managed to make her comfortable enough to do what she had to do. The last vet that we had didn't bother to calm down Latte at all and got her more stirred up. Ever since that last visit, Latte has a "thing" about shiny, smooth floors and has "difficulty" walking over them. She didn't have this before, and since the kitchen is a shiny, smooth floor, she walks across it like she is walking on burning coals.

Their vet appointment is on Monday, this coming Monday. It is at 5 pm, so it is a slower time at the office, she is guaranteed to have Dr. T, since she will be there, and everyone at the office now knows about Latte's neurotic phobia of the vet. We will be going by PetsGo Taxi, which I haven't used yet, but hopefully that goes well. Peanut is getting bloodwork and needles and her checkup, but Latte won't be getting any bloodwork, just the bare minimum - the rabies shot and the checkup. Hopefully, that goes well enough that she won't freak out. I'm going to bring some toys and her dog blanket so hopefully that will distract her somewhat. I would love to film the whole thing to show how much she freaks out, but I am sure my hands will be full. I'm sure it will make an interesting, funny story to tell though.

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