Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have been quite tired lately. I went out shopping with S. and it was great to get out with people. I felt really disoriented, but S. was aware of my situation since I work with her and did a really good job not making me feel retarded. We laughed about it and for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel paranoid about going out of the house. But the trip out for a couple hours tired me out for a couple of days.

I saw a dog the other day. The dog was an older male beagle walking down the street during rush hour and no one hit it. I was worried and left the house in just the clothes I was wearing and tried to get him so I could save him. There was no apparent owner and he had a collar. He looked back at me and just took off. He ducked into a yard and disappeared. I know the yard and they have a fence, but when I went into the yard, there wasn't a dog there. I came back into the house and got dressed for the chilly weather and took Peanut and Latte for a walk around the block to try and find the dog. The neighbours around the block were outside at the time did not see the dog. There were workers at a house replacing gutters and they didn't see the dog either. The neighbour that I know has an older beagle was home and when I went to his house, his dog came to the door with him. The dog looked just like the dog I saw, except she was a female and the dog I saw definitely was a male. I keep wondering if I really saw the dog at all. Weird.

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